Gmail is one of the most successful emailing platforms and is used on a regular basis for most of the people, so it is the responsibility of a user to maintain account security and privacy on his/her mail account. It is a compulsory requirement for everyone so that one can save his/her personal information from any theft activity. It is easy to create security on an email account by following these given instructions, in case, you find yourself unable to do so, then you can Contact Gmail support team.


Steps to follow:

·     First, go to Gmail homepage and you need to login to your account.

1.     After logging into your account, go to “My Account”, there you need to click on Gmail icon at the upper right of your screen.

2.     On my “My Account” page you will be able to see these given options:

1.     Sign in Security.

2.     Personal Info and Privacy.

3.     Account Preferences.

3.     Now, click on “Sign in Security”, there you’ll find security checkup, it will take few seconds to activate your security settings.

4.     Here, click on “Get Started” and you’ll be redirected to “Security Check Up” page.

5.     Now, you’ll get an option to change your security questions and mobile number, this will notify you when an unusual activity is found on your email account or your mail account is locked mistakenly.

6.     You will find “Check Your Connected device” and if everything is fine to click on “Looks Good”.

7.     Now click on “Check your account permissions”, this will permit a user to reviews apps, devices, website connected to your Google account, now click on “Done” and you are done with account security settings.

Privacy Settings in Gmail account

·         On “My Account Page”, now go to “Personal info and privacy”. In the bottom, you’ll find privacy check-up and click on “Get Started” and you’ll come to “Privacy check-up page”, now click on “Start now” option.

·         Here you can manage the privacy on your Gmail account by following the given instructions.


It easy to follow the above-given steps in order to put security on your mail account, in case, you get puzzled you can give a call on Gmail Support Helpline Number.


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